Cherry Pie Slice

Famous Cherry pie with a twist of Rum and vanilla, a rollercoaster of delight.


Apple Pie Slice

Apple Pie Contagious amounts of goodness for your taste buds with the grand shower of apple raisins and lime twist. It’s a big winner with most.


A hand full Choclate chip Cookie

Large in size and taste with plenty of chocolate chips and a special batter mix to grab your sweet urge to satisfy that grave of ” Where’s my Cookie”


Turkey Legs

This huge turkey leg has no shame with its mouth watering taste of smoked savory bite of heavens perfection really juicy.


Specialty Menu Serving after April 2019

Chocolate Ribs Rollercoaster Platter

Chocolate Ribs Rollercoaster Platter Pork or beef ribs cooked slow and tender as they fall off the bone delicious, covered in our special chocolate sauce for a rollercoaster ride in your mouth of tangy, spicy sweet melody. With four cheese macaroni, baked beans or your choice of beef sauce spaghetti or Cole slaw. A 12oz beverage of your choice and of course desert. A delicious slice of homemade Apple or Cherry pie.


2 Foot Rollercoaster Hot Dog

2 Foot Rollercoaster Hot Dog One of the world’s longest hot dogs with a ginormous portion to challenge anyone’s hunger, with spicy banana peppers, cheddar cheese, diced white onions, chili beans. Topped with one of our special Rollercoaster sauces; Enjoy the ride.


Peanut Butter Rollercoaster Hamburger

Peanut Butter Rollercoaster Hamburger One of the world’s craziest but taste of a champion, with two all-beef patties, peanut butter and jelly inside with swiss cheese, lettuce, smoked bacon with sesame seed bun. The marriage between the peanut butter and beacon is so unbelievable good.


Roasted Smoked Chicken leg quarters

Slow smoked chicken that has captured the smoke taste with every bite you take. Never dry always juicy and fresh.


Fish & Chips

Fresh Caught two fillet cat fish, fried to a golden brown crispy crunch with a heaping portion of fries and a 12 oz. beverage.


Roller Coaster Slab of Ribs

12 Bones of succulent fall off the bone BBQ ribs that have been slowly cooked and cared for just for you to devour in one setting all for yourself.


Roller Coaster BBQ Rib Tip Sandwhch

Roller Coaster BBQ Rib Tip Sandwich Melt in your mouth flavor of bad to the bone rib tips; These are a mood changer. Not feeling good having a bad day? Not anymore!! it’s top off with Potato salad.



Golden Brown hot and crispy fries; nothing special right? Wrong its top off with our patented special Roller Coaster rub for fries. With Several Flavors of joyful taste; Great choice you’ve done it again.


Roller Coaster Double Cheese Burger Giant ” Military Duty”

The bad in you has just surfaced to challenge your appetite; Tall in size really intimidating to hold in two hands but with your military training you should be ok; If you have none then welcome to boot camp, burger style. A massive large portion of two beef patties, an egg just in case you missed breakfast, smoked Bacon, Lettuce, onions, American cheese Swiss cheese, special sauce, fries. All encased on a large bun. Good luck!! Don’t forget your Fries and Beverage its free with this monster.


Roller Coaster 4 Cheese Macaroni

Macaroni 4 cheese delight; We all love cheese, so this will help with your craving for cheese. Slowly baked with a spicy citrus taste, enjoy.


Roller Coaster Baked Beans

Roller Coaster Baked Beans A family tradition and a proven match with ribs, so try them and taste the sweet brown sugar with the smell of smoked hickory, bacon bits.


Roller Coaster String Beans

Roller Coaster String Beans We all need a little green vegetable in our meals so don’t forget to order your portion. We can’t stress enough the great smell and taste of delicious harmony of garlic, onions, tomatoes and bacon bits. It’s just not fair to eat alone so share with all.


Roller Coaster Spaghetti with Beef Meat Sauce “MOM’S” Special

Not all Spaghetti is equal; While we all have our good moments in life this one is credit to my mom. It’s mom’s receipt and it deserves your attention in the form of your appetite so don’t be shy. Your fork will slide underneath the plate and take on a vision of a savory sauce filled with onions, garlic, parsley, seasons, sweetness from the brown sugar and zest. Its ok to splurge sometimes so get your face full of perfection and satisfaction. Oh yea my mother say’s hello to all.


Good Morning Breakfast Menu Now Serving between 6:00am to 9:00am

Roller Coaster Breakfast “Your Choice”

Three eggs the way you like, your choice of (2) Slices of smoked cured bacon or Ham steak slice or (2) Sausage patties (1) hash brown (2) hardy size pancakes, don’t forget your cup of coffee or orange juice. It’s your choice so spoil yourself.


“Ain’t nobody business” Chicken and waffles

Go crazy just go crazy, its chicken and waffles morning. Why not? The fresh taste of the morning yard bird (4) wings with the sweet taste of (2) waffles specially treated with vanilla and a touch of rum. So very good, “ant’s nobody business”


Roller Coaster “BLT”

Can’t wait forever so get it quick, your Bacon, Eggs, Lettuce, Tomato and cheese sandwich. It’s ok to be in a hurry cause were in a hurry to get it to yaw, with a smile.


Currently serving From 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cheese Burger with Fries

Cheese Burger with everything on it, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and your choice of condiments on a bun.



Hamburger; plain or with your choice of condiments


Chicken Basket with Fries

Fresh chicken wings with a spicy taste and fries to match


Cheese Fries

A hardy serving of Fries loaded with chili and your choice of added onions and cheese.