About Us

Glad to see you stopped by; We are just getting started with something really different and huge with our mission to serve the general public with great tasting foods and a roller coaster twist of taste in your mouth. We take comfort foods and give them a different blend of love and enthusiasm in the way we prepare every dish.

Some of our spices come from a world away such as central Asia and some from around the corner in the neighborhood you trust and travel too.  We use whenever possible vegetables from our local farmers markets to keep organic healthy foods within our menu.

We slowly cook all meats using the perfect timing and smoked wood to give your taste buds a pleasing experience. All our employees have taken a Federal Safe serve Food Handlers course and will continue to educate ourselves with safe food handling practices.

Our food trucks are inspected by the Health Department regularly and all employees must wear the appropriate attire to work in the kitchen, with proper hand washing and gloves with no exceptions.

Smoker’s BBQ Roller coaster, LLC is committed to responding as an emergency response truck to help feed all the victims emergency responders and volunteers at no charge to keep everyone fed in this critical time of need. Normal business operations we give all our military, police, firemen, a 20% discount to say thank you for all that you have accomplished to keep us safe from harm.

We are a strong family operated business with work ethics and outstanding home values that we give back to you with our customers service to each customer with eye contact, a pleasant smile and a thank you for your patronage salute. We thank you can’t wait to see you throughout Missouri surrounding areas.

News Alerts: Due to the Tornado’s and flooding in the Missouri area we will be responding to help with relief efforts. We will be serving hot dogs, fries and soup, hot coffee and water to help those in need.
All flood residents and first responders will be served at no cost to them.
We accept donations which all funds will be used to feed the victims.  Please click on my donation tab and give what you can thanks